About Blueberry

Blueberries have been a part of North American food and medicine traditions for centuries. The first native Americans and First Nations in Canada cherished wild blueberries from the forest as a staple food. They mixed with deer and bison meats to make pemmican and dried the berries for winter use.


Fresh Blueberries - The consumer favorite, just right for use on top of cakes and fresh baked items. IQF Frozen Blueberries - Fresh blueberries are individually quick frozen to give a field fresh fruit, which maintains individual identity. Just right for integration into muffins and other bakery products.

Fresh Blueberries

Delicious fresh blueberries are a summertime treat and tradition in North America. You may now notice fresh blueberries on the shelves year round as well thanks to production in the Southern Hemisphere. About 50 percent of all blueberries produced are dedicated to the fresh market.

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